Les verbes anglais avec une préposition obligatoire

Voici une liste de verbes anglais couramment utilisés qui nécessitent l'utilisation de prépositions obligatoires :

Il n'y a pas de secret, il faut les connaitre par coeur.

Verbe avec préposition Exemple
Listen to - écouter I like to listen to music while I work.
Look at - regarder She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.
Rely on - compter We rely on our team to complete the project on time.
Belong to - appartenir à This book belongs to the library.
Rely upon I rely upon my intuition to make decisions.
Wait for - attendre We have to wait for the bus to arrive.
Talk to - parler à He likes to talk to his friends on the phone.
Speak with - parler avec I need to speak with my boss about my performance.
Think about - penser à She always thinks about her family when she's away.
Be interested in - être intéressé par I'm not interested in watching sports on TV.
Be responsible for - être responsable de The manager is responsible for the team's performance.
Take care of - s'occuper de She takes care of her sick mother at home.
Depend on - dépendre de The success of the project depends on our ability to work together.
Insist on - insister sur He insisted on buying the car even though it was too expensive.
Look for - chercher I'm going to apply for the job at the new company.
Agree with - être d'accord avec I don't agree with your decision to quit your job.
Apologize for - s'excuser de He apologized for being late to the meeting.
Arrive at - arriver à We arrived at the airport two hours before our flight.
Write to - écrire à I need to write to my aunt and thank her for the birthday present.

Ces exemples montrent comment les verbes avec prépositions obligatoires sont utilisés dans une variété de contextes pour exprimer différentes actions et intentions.