Le vocabulaire sur l'environnement et l'écologie en anglais

Explorez notre page de vocabulaire anglais sur l'environnement et découvrez une liste complète de mots et d'expressions liés à la durabilité, au changement climatique, à la biodiversité et à d'autres sujets environnementaux cruciaux. Chaque terme est accompagné de sa traduction en français pour faciliter l'apprentissage.


environment :
sustainability :
climate :
biodiversity :
renewable :
organic food :
alimentation biologique
global warming :
réchauffement climatique
carbon footprint :
empreinte carbone
waste reduction :
réduction des déchets
eco-friendly :
wildlife :
hazardous waste :
déchets dangereux
organic farming :
agriculture biologique
eco-conscious :
soucieux de l'environnement
climate action :
action climatique
greenhouse gases :
effet de serre
sustainable living :
mode de vie durable
endangered species :
espèces en voie de disparition
biodynamic farming :
agriculture biodynamique
clean air :
air pur

Dialogue avec un climato-sceptique en anglais

Personne A: Hey, have you ever considered the impact of human activities on the environment?

Climato-sceptique (Personne B): Well, I'm not so sure about all this talk of climate change. I think it's just natural variation.

Personne A: I understand your skepticism, and it's important to have an open discussion about it. But have you looked into the overwhelming consensus among scientists? The vast majority agree that human activities, like burning fossil fuels, are contributing to changes in our climate.

Personne B: I've heard about that, but I'm not convinced. The weather always changes, right?

Personne A: That's true; the weather does naturally fluctuate. But climate change is about long-term trends. It's not just about a few hot or cold days; it's about the overall increase in global temperatures, which can have serious consequences like more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and threats to biodiversity.

Personne B: I'm still not sure. It feels like there's a lot of fear-mongering around this topic.

Personne A: I can understand why it might seem that way. There are certainly strong emotions involved. But remember, addressing climate change doesn't have to be all about fear. There are many positive aspects too, like cleaner air and water, energy efficiency, and new job opportunities in renewable energy.

Personne B: Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to learn more about it.

Personne A: That's a great attitude! I'd recommend exploring some reputable sources and listening to experts in the field. It's always a good idea to be well-informed before forming a final opinion.

Vocabulaire dialogue

skepticism :
fear-mongering :
overwhelming :
écrasant, accablant

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